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You can click here to use our PDF documents. In this pack is an example of only 2 options of many that we can provide.
1) is an example of an Academywe use, many students, strict daily routine and different styles
2) is an example of how we pair students up with either Masters or schools specific to style preference. It also allows for a more flexible training schedule and tighter Master - student relationship.
Please read through the pack and get back to us with any questions. If you wish to apply now then please fill in the forms (print off or fill in on PC), then please scan them in and email to us at:
If you can not scan in and you are applying in a rush then you can copy the information into word or an email, as long as we have the essential requirements from you, what you are looking for, your history and details from the form.
Failing that, please just email us and we will send you the pack as an attatchment.
Lastly, please pay your £49.00 GBP ($75.00 USD) application fee via paypal here: (not .com)
We look forward to having you in China !
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